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Stratton Acoustics Launches With ‘Anti-Fi’ High-End Speakers

Stratton Acoustics 29 April 2022 0 comments

Stratton Acoustics is a new United Kingdom based loudspeaker manufacturer launched to bring drama, excitement, exceptional quality and bespoke manufacture to high-end consumer audio. Inspired by the large-scale studio monitors that shaped music recording in the 1970s and 1980s, the first Stratton Acoustics loudspeaker is the ambitious and imposing Elypsis1512.

In advocating a music-first, ‘Anti-Fi’ philosophy, Stratton Acoustics’ brand values are disruptive and rebellious. Rather than slavishly adhering to the audiophile values that seem sometimes to devalue, rather than contribute, to the true pleasure of music, ‘Anti-Fi’ places unrestrained musical enjoyment and drama at the centre of the design and engineering philosophy.

Stratton Acoustics’ audio engineering is grounded in robust and thoughtful electro-acoustic design principles expressed with the very latest driver and crossover technology. Stratton Acoustics also takes a no-compromise approach to cabinet design though engineering complex, comprehensively braced birch plywood enclosures finished to the finest bespoke furniture standards.

Stratton Acoustics’ manufacturing processes are equally fastidious, exclusively employing a combination of high-accuracy computer-controlled production techniques allied to the finest artisanal, hand-finished, low volume manufacture.

One of Stratton Acoustics’ founding partners, David Fowler commented, “With over 25 years’ experience of product design and development in a multitude of differing sectors, from furniture through to sustainable consumer electronics, I have always wanted to engage with a market I have loved since I was in my early teens. Now, with an amazing in-house development team and production partners that are second to none, we have built a product that moves the conversation forward towards effortless musical presentation and placing music, not hi-fi, first.”