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Stratton Acoustics Launches High-End Loudpeakers Inspired by Giants

Stratton Acoustics 23 June 2022 0 comments

Stratton Acoustics, the new UK based high end loudspeaker manufacturer, takes inspiration for its products from the iconic, large-scale studio monitors that shaped recording in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Products such as the legendary JBL 4350 and the extraordinary Tannoy Buckingham provideed the effortless dynamics and massive soundstage that only large diameter bass and midrange drivers housed in a substantial cabinet can provide.

While the inspiration is that of vintage giants however, Stratton Acoustics’ goal is to produce thoroughly contemporary high-end loudspeakers, so only the very best materials, processes and construction techniques are employed. Vintage studio monitors were tools built to do a job; exposed fasteners, chipboard cabinets, hook-and-loop grill fixing pads, blanked-off driver apertures and industrial finishes were all acceptable. Stratton Acoustics’ loudspeakers however are intended as fine objects of furniture as much as they are high performance music transducers, so the old functional palette of materials and finishes has been replaced with one of elegance, style, finesse and refinement.

Amy Richards, one of Stratton’s founding partners defined the company philosophy by saying, “While our products always have to create an exhilarating musical performance, they also have to provide excitement through all aspects of their ownership. When not making music, they have to be stunning pieces of fine furniture, capable of complementing and defining any interior design. After years of development, we can fulfil this goal with a range of materials and finishes that are only limited by the customers tastes and daring. I can’t wait to see how our customers are going to challenge us and what wonderfully unique, bespoke pieces we are going to be lucky enough to produce.”