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Passion, style & identity, custom made for your listening space

Every Stratton Acoustics speaker combines our expertise in electro-acoustics and speaker design partnering with leading audio suppliers to create unique, bespoke components and solutions.

We are deliberately daring to move beyond the traditional while maintaining an appreciation for everything that has come before.

Every Stratton Acoustics loudspeaker, Pure, Bespoke or Absolute, is hand-built and tested in the UK.

To own a Stratton Acoustics loudspeaker is to own a genuine original.

Pure Series

Available in two classic finishes, our Pure Series offers exceptional sound and build quality, ready for you to immerse yourself in an impressive world of audio.

Bespoke Series

Build the speaker you want with the Stratton Acoustics configurator.

Our extensive library of superior hand crafted materials and finishes allows you choose the combination you want.

Absolute Series

Our Absolute Series places no limits on what is possible. Work with our in house design team; specify every aspect of your speakers.

Own a pair of Elypsis1512 speakers – exactly the way to want them.

Designed, manufactured and assembled in the United Kingdom

Stratton Acoustics is proud to be part of the British manufacturing sector selling to global markets.

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