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How it works

How it works with Stratton Acoustics.

Ordering from the Pure & Bespoke series


Use the Stratton Acoustics configurator to decide how you want your Elypsis1512 to look and choose your optional features.


Submit your configuration along with your name and contact details.

Make sure you include at least one contact method so we are able to respond to you.


A member of the Stratton Acoustics team will respond to you using the contact details you have provided.

We will discuss your submission to confirm the design including any additional parts you have or would like to add to the order and answer any questions you have.


You will receive a copy of our terms and a purchase contract which we require you to read and sign before we start to build your pair of Stratton Acoustics speakers.

Ordering from the Absolute series


Use the Absolute page to read about the process and fill in our Absolute design application form.


A member of the Stratton Acoustics team will respond to your application using the details you have provided to discuss your requirements and the design you want to create.


The Absolute series is an indepth design process undertaken between you and our design team.

You will receive a copy of our terms and a purchase contract which we require you to read and sign before we start.

A deposit payment is also necessary to get the process started.

This payment will deducted from the overall cost of your Stratton Acoustics speakers.


Once the admin has been dealt with, we will arrange a meeting to introduce you to your design team. We will talk you through the process, you can ask any questions you have and we will collectively define a schedule for how your project will be run.

Ideally, we like to meet you face to face, however we understand that this might not be possible or preferable, in which case, a video or telephone call can be arranged instead.


Based on the agreed specification, our team will design your speakers. We keep you updated throughout the process, with meetings to review your options, computer generated images of the design to sign off, and photos of the build as things progress through the manufacturing phase.

Payment & shipping


Payments are dealt with by our accounting team.

Once you have decided to order your Stratton Acoustics speakers and have signed your payment contract, a deposit is taken to begin your order. Any subsequent stage payments must be paid by the agreed date, prior to your order leaving our workshop.

Your account balance must be paid in full before we release any goods to you.


All prices stated on the website are exclusive of regional taxes and shipping costs. Where possible, these will be calculated and provided in your invoice.


We offer worldwide shipping, handled by one of our specialist couriers, chosen based on your location and delivery requirements.

All costs for shipping including tax and insurance are added to the final invoice and payable by you, the customer.


Depending on the delivery location, some taxes may be charged locally and as such, are out of the control of Stratton Acoustics.

These are your responsibility to handle and pay.

Booking a listening session


Stratton Acoustics offer listening sessions at Bighton Electric Studios in Brighton on the south coast of the UK.

We host two types of listening events.

Group listening sessions

We invite you to join us to see and listen to the speakers in person. These days are split into different time slots and can be attended by anyone who signs up. They are not private sessions, however numbers in the room are limited to ensure the enjoyment of everyone involved.

Group sessions are free to attend, but you must sign up using the ‘register interest’ section on the listening page.


Private listening sessions

Our private sessions are for those who wish to have the room to themselves to enjoy and experience the speakers in private.

Private sessions can be booked through our contact form or by sending a direct email to

These sessions cost £150 per half day, payable prior to the session commencing.

General FAQs

Is there a cooling off period?

Yes. As standard, all Stratton Acoustics customers have 14 days from signing their purchase contract in which they can change their mind.

Any deposit paid will be refunded in full if the contract is cancelled within this period.

How do I cancel my order within the 14 day cooling off period?

The customer must contact the Stratton Acoustics team in writing to stating thier intention to cancel thier purchase contract.

We request that any such requests are accompanied with the customer’s name and order number.

Can I cancel my order if I am outside the 14 day cooling off period?

Yes, however any money paid up to that point is not refundable.

Do the prices on the website include VAT or other country specific taxation?

No. All prices on the website are exclusive of sales tax.

Any applicable taxes are the customers responsibility to pay as and when the tax becomes payable.

Do the prices on the website include shipping or courier charges?

No. All prices on the website are exclusive of shipping costs.

Shipping charges will be calculated depending on the customer’s geographic location and their delivery requirements.

These charges are the customer’s responsibility to pay when they are due.